The campaign

Wizards of the Wissahickon is an urban fantasy campaign that I’m running using the Solar System… system. There is no set story, and as GM I’m generally laying track only a few feet in front of the locomotive. The story is set in modern day Philadelphia and the surrounding environs, in a world where a few risk their lives in secret to protect their city from the supernatural.

The main characters are:

- Veronica Devon (played by Neil), a powerful young witch who has trouble saying no to others;
- Lady Green (played by Dan R.), a bored fairy intent on bring change to the unchanging courts of the fey; and
- Millian Maxson (played by John), a private detective who hunts monsters on the side.

I didn’t come into this campaign intent on building a complex mythology, but when Dan R. mentioned that he had two pages of NPCs written down, I figured it was time to get them all down someplace.

Wizards of the Wissahickon